Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF) Category 4 - Measures Immediately Effective in Protecting Life and Property

Category 4 of the Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF) Program is designed for projects that can be implemented quickly and are understood to be immediately effective in protecting life and property.

Eligible Category 4 projects include:

  • Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS)
  • Crossing barriers
  • Gages
  • Public education and outreach
  • Reverse 911 systems
  • Dam Emergency Action Plans

This category does not include large scale, major planning, acquisition, design, and/or construction/rehabilitation-type projects. TWDB does not maintain an exhaustive list of activities eligible under Category 4, and applicants are encouraged to discuss possible Category 4 proposals with TWDB staff.

Financing options for FIF Category 4 projects include loans with an interest rate of 0% and grant funds. The recipient may use its own available funds for any portion of the remainder of the project not provided through the FIF grant funds. Use of in-kind services requires prior TWDB approval.