Water Loss Audit FAQs

Accessing the Water loss Audit

1. I have registered to access the water loss audit worksheet, but now it does not allow me to access, and is sending an error message. What can I do?

You may be having a problem with your user name and/or password. Contact us at 512-463-0987 so we can help you.

2. Help - I forgot my user name and/or password!

Utilizing your email and username you should be able to go in as a registered user and request a new password. Contact us at 512-463-0987 so we can help you.

3. I would like a copy of a utility's water loss audit, but I do not work for the utility. How can I get a copy?

If you are not a responsible party or designated user for a specific utility, TWDB will not allow access to an audit. We are in the process of creating a report for public access to the audits; in the meantime, if you would like a copy of a particular audit report, please send a request to WLA-Group@twdb.texas.gov with the utility's name and desired report year along with your contact information.

Water Loss Audit Worksheet Issues

4. Some fields on the worksheet are blank and/or won't let me make corrections to them. Why can't I change those fields?

Those fields are either prepopulated from the Water Use Survey or are calculated fields. The Lines that are prepopulated from the Water Use Survey are Line 5a (Retail Population Served), Line 7 (Total Retail Metered Connections - Active and Inactive), line 12 ( Volume of Water Intake), Line 14 (Total Treated Purchased Water), Line 15 ( Total Treated Wholesale Water Sales) and line 17 (Billed Metered). Please note that the Water Loss Audit cannot be completed and submitted before the Water Use Survey has been completed and submitted. If it has already been submitted and some of the data entered appears incorrect, please contact the person responsible for completing the survey to make any necessary changes.

5. Lines 20 and Line 26 each have a volume displayed that I did not enter. Why is it there and how do I correct it?

Line 20 and Line 26 automatically calculate a volume using a default trade established percentage of the Total System Input Volume (Line 16). If the utility has a more accurate volume to enter in either field, the box below either line may be unchecked and that volume entered. It is not recommended to enter another volume unless the utility has a high level of confidence in their own data.

6. How come the data I previously entered into the Water Loss Audit are no longer there?

It is possible that you exited the worksheet without saving your entries. It is important that you save your work frequently to avoid loss of data. If you feel this was not the case, please call us at 512-463-0987 and we will try to assist.

7. How do I save my completed audit to my computer?

When you have completed your worksheet, click the save button at the top of the page and then the submit button. Click on the blue "Audit Report" tab next to the "Worksheet" tab. When the report appears, underneath the email link you will see a Diskette with a green arrow. Click to open a dropdown menu where you can select either a PDF or Excel file format. (We recommend a PDF). A pop-up window will appear giving you the option to open or save the file; click on OK and either save it directly or open and then save it to your computer.

8. I am receiving an error message when I click "Submit Worksheet" and it won't allow me to submit. How can I correct the error?

Any errors will be displayed in red next to the field(s) that must be fixed. The error(s) will explain what needs to be corrected. The most common error will probably be failing to choose a value on the Assessment Scale for certain fields. Clicking on the help prompt for those fields will display the options from which you can select for that line. If you still need assistance, please call us at 512-463-0987.

Water Loss Audit Worksheet Information

9. My worksheet is showing negative numbers - what does that mean?

Negative numbers indicate that you sold and lost more water than you produced (not likely!). You may want to review the information entered into the Water Use Survey and Water Loss Audit and check for errors. Also, ensure the applicable meter accuracies in the System Input Volume section (Line 13a, Line 14a and Line 15a) are greater than 0 if there is a volume greater than 0 in Line 13, Line 14 and/or Line 15.

10. The volume of water loss shown is much higher than I anticipated. Why?

It is a common mistake with the Water Use Survey to not select the correct unit for water volumes entered in either the water intake section or the billed metered section - for example, gallons instead of million gallons. You may want to review that information and make corrections if necessary.

11. The Water Loss Audit Worksheet volume and percentage of water loss does not match what I have in my records. How are they different?

There could be multiple explanations. A few items to consider might be whether you entered your raw water intake volume on Line 13 instead of the volume of treated water leaving the plant (Produced Water); whether all meter accuracies are entered correctly; whether or not all volumes that might affect the outcome (Billed Unmetered, Unbilled Metered, Unbilled Unmetered, Reported Breaks and Leaks) have been entered correctly.


12. How can I review an earlier Water Loss Audit?

Access the Water Loss, Use and Conservation home page. Click on the Water Loss Audit tab at the top of the page. This will take you to a page where you will see your utility listed with an option to Fill Out or View an audit worksheet or report, respectively. Select View. You will then be taken to a page where you can select the year desired from a drop-down menu. Select the year then click on the "Next" button above the box; the report will open.

13. Is it possible to complete the Water Loss Audit in a non-reporting year?

We encourage you to do so since it is a good way to keep track of your water loss from one year to the next.

14. Does TWDB provide assistance with water loss audits and/or water loss in general?

Yes - TWDB is available to assist utilities regarding water loss in general as well as with completion of the audit worksheet. Please see the Water Loss Audit Resources page for more information.