Printable Water Use Survey

The Water Use Survey Program has three survey forms: Municipal (long), Municipal (short) and Industrial. The links below will provide more information for each survey category and allow you to view or download the PDF survey forms. Check the top right-hand corner of your notification letter for the appropriate survey form (Look for "Form Type").

Please save a copy of the survey on your desktop before you begin entering data. Include the Survey Number and County on your survey form. If you are unable to type into the pdf form, your Acrobat may be in set to read-only. Open the saved pdf on your desktop, go to Edit/ Preferences/ Documents (categories)/ PDF-A View Mode/Choose "NEVER" for view documents in PDF-A mode.

Municipal Water Use Survey (Long Form)

The municipal long survey form is for public water systems in the State of Texas.

Municipal Water Use Survey (Short Form)

A shorter version of municipal survey form is for select water users who provide only a limited amount of water directly to consumers. The primary recipients of these surveys include commercial or institutional facilities and mobile home parks. Use this form only if on the top right hand corner of your notification letter it indicates "Municipal Short" for the Form Type.

Industrial Water Use Survey

The industrial survey form is for manufacturing, steam electric and mining facilities.

Keep a copy of the completed survey for your records. The downloadable forms are enterable and can be emailed when completed to You may fax the completed survey to: (512) 463-8468. Alternatively, the completed surveys can be mailed to:

Texas Water Development Board
Attn: Water Use Survey
P. O. Box 13231
Austin, Texas 78711-3231

For submitting previous year's survey, use the current water use survey form but change the survey year.

Please note that incomplete surveys will be considered administratively incomplete until all of the required information is provided.

If a water utility needs to submit water use information for previous years, please contact the Water Use Survey Team, or by phone (512) 463-7952.