Printable Water Use Survey

The 2023 Online Water Use Survey is now open from January 2, 2024 and will close March 1, 2024.

The Water Use Survey Program has three survey forms: Municipal Long, Municipal Short, and Industrial. The links below will allow you to view or download the PDF survey forms.

PDF Survey Forms and Instructions

1. Select the appropriate survey form below to download. Save a copy of the survey on your desktop or print out a paper copy before you begin entering data.

Check the top right-hand corner of your notification letter for the “Form Type” your system should use.

2. Complete the survey, including the survey number and county on the form. You can enter information electronically on the PDF form or fill out a paper copy.

If you are unable to type into the PDF form, your Acrobat may be set to read-only. Open the saved PDF on your desktop, go to Edit/ Preferences/ Documents (categories)/ PDF-A View Mode/Choose "NEVER" for view documents in PDF-A mode.

Please note that incomplete surveys will be considered administratively incomplete until all the required information is provided. If you are completing a Municipal Long form, your system must complete the Water System Information in order to be administratively complete. Please see the Water System Information quick guide if you have any questions. Staff will contact you about incomplete surveys.

If you need to submit or edit water use information for previous years, please use the current year’s form and change the survey year.

3.Submit your completed form (electronic PDF or paper copy):

  • Email PDF to:

  • Fax paper copy to: (512) 463-8468

  • Mail paper copy to:
    Texas Water Development Board
    Attn: Water Use Survey
    P. O. Box 13231
    Austin, Texas 78711-3231

For questions about the Water Use Survey, please contact the Water Use Survey Team, (512) 463-7952