Groundwater is a major source of water in Texas, providing about 55 percent of the 14.7 million acre-feet of water used in the state, as reported in the 2020 Water Use Survey. The mission of the Groundwater Division is to collect, interpret, and provide accurate, objective information on the groundwater resources of Texas. Our vision is for the people of Texas to know and understand their groundwater resources.

The Groundwater Division is responsible for all aspects of groundwater studies in the state. We monitor groundwater levels and groundwater quality in 9 major and 22 minor aquifers, conduct regional-scale groundwater modeling, and house and maintain water well records. We also review and approve groundwater management plans and participate in the establishment of desired future conditions of aquifers in groundwater management areas. Our geologists and hydrologists also conduct investigations of aquifer and groundwater conditions to support the needs of citizens, policy makers, and lawmakers of the state.

For questions about groundwater, please contact us at 512-936-0871.

Recent reports and programs

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Tools and Resources

MonthlyTexas Water Conditions Report Subsidence prediction tool Theis Equation Drawndown Analytical Tool Groundwater Educational Videos. Physical Groundwater Flow Model Educational Videos.