Groundwater Conservation Districts

There are no groundwater conservation districts within Groundwater Management Area 5.

Aquifers(either partially or completely included)

Component Counties

GMA 5 Reports

ID Date Type Description
R-096 6/1/1969 TWDB numbered report A Statistical Study of the Depth of Precipitable Water in Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico
R-356 12/1/2001 TWDB numbered report Aquifers of West Texas
R-256 8/1/1980 TWDB numbered report Availability of Fresh and Slightly Saline Ground Water in the Basins of Westernmost Texas
R-028 9/1/1966 TWDB numbered report Analog Model Study of the Hueco Bolson Near El Paso, Texas
R-153 8/1/1972 TWDB numbered report Development of Ground-Water in the El Paso District, Texas
R-364 8/1/2005 TWDB numbered report The Hydrogeology of Hudspeth County, Texas
R-246 6/1/1980 TWDB numbered report Ground-Water Development in the El Paso Region, Texas, with Emphasis on the Resources of the Lower El Paso Valley
R-300 8/1/1987 TWDB numbered report Summary of Hydrologic Information in the El Paso, Texas, Area with Emphasis on Ground-Water Studies, 1903-80
R-324 3/1/1990 TWDB numbered report Evaluation of Ground-Water Resources in El Paso County, Texas
R-180 3/1/1974 TWDB numbered report Reconnaissance of the Chemical Quality of Surface Waters of the Rio Grande Basin, Texas