Flood Infrastructure Fund Applications and Pre-Application Webinars

SFY 2020 Documents:
Board Adopted Flood Intended Use Plan
Board Approved Structure of Financing and Terms of Subsidy
Board Approved FIF Prioritization List and Eligible Funding Amounts
Prioritization Scoring Detail
Flood Application FAQs
FIF Program Guidance Manual (Check back periodically for updates)

The information provided on this page is applicable to the SFY 2020 FIF Intended Use Plan (IUP). Updates will be made for the SFY 2024-2025 FIF IUP following a Board approval of the IUP.

Application Documents

Application documents for the SFY 2024-2024 FIF IUP will be posted here following the board adoption of the IUP.

SFY 2024-2025 FIF IUP Webinar

PDF Slides of SFY 2024-2025 FIF IUP Webinar

Flood Information Clearinghouse Committee

Applicants should visit the Flood Information Clearinghouse website for up-to-date information on programs that may serve as a source of funding for flood projects.