Water Loss Audit Validation

Effective January 1, 2025, a utility required to submit a water loss audit annually due to a financial obligation to TWDB or that is applying for financial assistance will be required to have its most current water loss audit validated within three months of submittal or prior to consideration of a request for financial assistance from the board. The executive administrator will validate the submitted water loss audit in conference with the retail public utility. Alternatively, the utility may elect to have the water loss audit validated by a person other than the executive administrator. Should a water loss audit be validated by a person other than the executive administrator's staff, validation must follow TWDB's validation guidelines and be performed by a person other than the person submitting the water loss audit, who has completed water loss audit validation training and is certified to conduct such validation.

For additional information, please contact TWDB's Water Loss Audit team at WLA-Group@twdb.texas.gov or 512-463-0987.