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Interactive Resources

The following interactive projects were created by the Center for Global Environmental Education at Hamline University, St. Paul, MN. These interactive resources are hosted on the web site of the documentary, Living with the Trinity River, A River's Story, produced by KERA, Public Media for North Texas.

  • Journey of a Raindrop
    Follow a raindrop to learn about the different sources of water pollution. Play the interactive game to learn how to protect water from contamination.
  • Understanding the Water Cycle and Watersheds
    Watch a video and play an interactive game on the water cycle. Learn about watershed, drainage divides and sub basins. Explore major watershed boundaries in an interactive map to see the direction of flow for America's rivers.
  • Water Conservation: The Power of One
    Watch a video which demonstrates water use per person per day in the United States. Play an interactive game to learn about water conservation for the home.
  • Urban Water Cycle
    Watch a video about a presentation three high school students give to 4th graders about the importance of water.
  • Water Reuse
    Watch a video to learn about water reuse. Play games to learn about direct and indirect water reuse.

Additional Interactive Resources

  • The Water Cycle for Kids and Students
    The water cycle describes how Earth's water is not only always changing forms, between liquid (rain), solid (ice), and gas (vapor), but also moving on, above, and in the Earth. This process is always happening everywhere.

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Texas Water Related Maps

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