Conservation Education

Educational programs offered by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) focus on building understanding about water resources, state water planning and water conservation across the state.

TWDB scientific research and state water plans form the cornerstone for the agency's educational programs. Educational programs include K-12 school-based programs, training and workshops for adults, distribution of conservation literature, and outreach and awareness programs targeted at both municipal and agricultural audiences statewide.

In order to better serve the school-based audience, TWDB Kids was created as the web portal to the K-12 educational resources offered by the agency. The major educational programs of TWDB include Major Rivers (4th and 5th grade), Raising Your Water IQ (middle school) and Water Exploration (high school), are linked through this web site which also features visualizations and interactive games to help students, educators and parents learn about key concepts in water resources and conservation. All of TWDB's major educational programs were designed with the assistance of Texas educators and are correlated with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and STAAR objectives in order to meet requirements for acceptable classroom curricula.

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