Water Loss Audit

Water Loss Audit (User Portal)

Water Loss Audits are due by May 1st

Why complete a Water Loss Audit?

Water is a precious and finite resource. Water loss control benefits the utility by conserving its water and diminishing its need for future acquisitions of additional water supply. Reducing water loss offers utilities the ability to increase their water use efficiency, improve their financial status, and assist with long-term water sustainability.

Completing the Water Loss Audit will help a utility understand where and how much water is being lost from the distribution system and will provide a baseline to track and improve water loss control.

Do I have to submit a Water Loss Audit?

Currently, all retail public water systems with more than 3,300 connections or a financial obligation to TWDB are required to complete and submit a Water Loss Audit annually. All other retail public water suppliers are required to submit a Water Loss Audit to the agency every five years. The next five year required submittal is due by May 1 of 2026 for the 2025 audit year. Any audits submitted outside of the five year cycle do not satisfy the submittal requirement.

We strongly encourage all retail public water suppliers to complete an audit annually to assist them in better tracking their water loss and identify issues that may need addressing. This can ultimately help save the supplier money over time.

The Water Loss Audit must be completed online. The online worksheet should be completed by the staff member that has taken a TWDB certified water loss audit training and received a training acknowledgement to upload to the worksheet.

For additional information, visit our Water Loss Audit Training Page.

These Reports Must be Completed in Order:

  1. Water Use Survey
  2. Water Loss Audit
  3. Annual Conservation Report
  4. Utility Profile
  5. Water Conservation Plan

To access the Water Loss Audit Worksheet online you must first register by creating a username and password. Once you have created a username and password, you may request access to a particular utility. Once access is approved by TWDB staff you will receive a confirmation by email granting access.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in receiving a PDF copy of an entity’s water loss audit report, please send your request with the entity’s name and reporting year along with your contact information to the email address below.

Water Loss Audit Resources:

For additional information, please contact TWDB's Water Loss Audit team at WLA-Group@twdb.texas.gov or 512-463-0987.