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Document Number Type Document Description
Guidance Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Requirements Process
Addresses Guidance Environmental Coordination Contact Information
Population Projections Guidance Financial Assistance – Population Projections
Form TWDB Vendor Set-up and Direct Deposit Form
DB-0154 Form Monthly Davis Bacon Act Certificate of Compliance Submittal by Owner (Sub-Recipient)
DB-0155 Form Davis-Bacon Statement of Compliance Certification by Contractor for SRF
DB-0156 Guidance Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Requirements for State Revolving Fund Projects
ED-101 Form Site Certificate
ED-103 Form Contractor's Act of Assurance (Construction Contract)
ED-104 Form Contractor's Act of Assurance Resolution
ED-005 Guidance Guideline For Inspector Qualification
ED-006 Guidance O & M Recommendations
EPA-424D Form Assurances - Construction Programs
Note: This form must be downloaded and opened through your file explorer, or something similar on different platform. This form will not open correctly through the browsers.
EPA-6100-2 Form DBE Program-DBE Subcontractor Participation
EPA-6100-3 Form DBE Program-DBE Subcontractor Performance Form
EPA-6100-4 Form DBE Program-DBE Subcontractor Utilization Form
IRS-8038G Form Information Return for Tax-Exempt Private Activity Bond Issues
SRF-071 Form Outlay Workbook
SRF-404 Form Debarment / Suspension Certification
TCEQ-DMA Form Self Certification Form
TWDB-0100 Guidance Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program (CWSRF)
TWDB-0104 Guidance FIF Program Guidance Manual (Check back periodically for any updates)
TWDB-0148 Form Application for Financial Assistance-Public
TWDB-0150 Form Application for Financial Assistance-Privates
TWDB-0161 Guidance Guidance for Determining Project Eligibility with Green Project Reserve CW & DWSRF
TWDB-0162 Guidance CWSRF Green Project Worksheets
TWDB-0163 Guidance DWSRF Green Project Worksheets
TWDB-0169 Form Agreement Execution Resolution
TWDB-0170 Form Flood Control Project Memorandum of Understanding Template
TWDB-0171 Form Flood Application Affidavit (Category 1)
TWDB-0172 Form Flood Application Affidavit (Category 2, 3, and 4 – construction)
TWDB-0173 Form Flood Application Affidavit (Category 2, 3, and 4 – planning, acquisition, and design)
TWDB-0178 Guidance Electronic Document Submittal Guidance for Texas Water Development Board Funded Projects
TWDB-0200 Checklist Engineering Planning Submittal Form
TWDB-0201 Form Application Affidavit
TWDB-0201A Form Application Filing and Authorized Representative Resolution (WRD-201A)
TWDB-0201B Form Application Resolution-Certificate of Secretary (TWDB-0201B)
TWDB-0201P Form Application Affidavit-Private Entities
TWDB-208B Form Ground Water Affidavit
TWDB-0210 Guidance Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Guidance
TWDB-0213 Form Certification Regarding Lobbying
TWDB-0215 Form DBE Applicant/Entity Affirmative Steps Certification & Goals
TWDB-0216 Form DBE Affirmative Steps Solicitation Report
TWDB-0217 Form DBE Prime Contractor Affirmative Steps Certification & Goals
TWDB-0300 Checklist Plans and Specifications Submittal Form
TWDB-0352 Guidance Glossary of Terms
TWDB-0373 Form DBE Loan/Grant Participation Summary
TWDB-0400 Checklist Construction Award Submittal Form
TWDB-0400A Checklist Alternative Delivery Work Package Award Submittal Form
TWDB-0401 Guidance Survey Guidelines for EDAP Connection Assistance
TWDB-0402 Form Survey Form for Obtaining Family Income Data
TWDB-0403 Form Certification of MSR Adoption and Enforcement
TWDB-0404 Form Affidavit of Training, EDAP MSR
TWDB-0405 Form Appendix 1A. Sample Form for Water Service Agreement
TWDB-0406 Form Appendix 1B. Sample Form for Wastewater Service Agreement
TWDB-0407 Form Appendix 2B. Sample Form for Irrevocable Letter of Credit
TWDB-0459 Form Vendor Compliance with Reciprocity on Non-Resident Bidders
TWDB-0500 Checklist Executed Construction Submittal Form
TWDB-0511 Guidance Guidance for the Preparation of Flood Mitigation Project Design Documents
TWDB-0550 Guidance Supplemental Contract Conditions for CW-Equivalency and DWSRF
TWDB-0551 Guidance Supplemental Contract Conditions CWSRF Non-Equivalency
TWDB-0552 Guidance Supplemental Contract Conditions for State Loan Projects (ED-004g)
TWDB-0554 Guidance Guidance for the Preparation of Flood Mitigation Project Engineering Feasibility Reports
TWDB-0555 Guidance Guidance for the Preparation of Drinking Water Project Engineering Feasibility Reports
TWDB-0556 Guidance Guidance for the Preparation of Wastewater Project Engineering Feasibility Reports
TWDB-0570 Guidance Guidance for use of Construction Manager at Risk and Design-Build Project Delivery Methods
TWDB-0703 Guidance Force Account Guidance
TWDB-0710 Form Financial, Managerial and Technical Self-Assessment Questionnaire
TWDB-0800 Form Environmental Data Form for State Programs
TWDB-0801 Form Federal Environmental Review (EID)
TWDB-0803 Form Categorical Exclusion / Determination of No Effect Request Form
TWDB-1101 Guidance EDAP OSSF Authorized Agent Designation Requirement Guidance
TWDB-1105 Guidance United States Iron and Steel Guidance
TWDB-1105-A Form United States Iron and Steel Certificate
TWDB-1106 Guidance American Iron and Steel (AIS) Guidance for Clean Water & Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Projects
TWDB-1106-A Form Monthly American Iron and Steel Certificate
TWDB-1106-B Form American Iron and Steel (AIS) De Minimis Log
TWDB-1106-C Form Final American Iron and Steel Certification
TWDB-1107 Guidance Guidance on Cost and Effectiveness Certification CWSRF
TWDB-1107-A Form Cost and Effectiveness Certification CWSRF
TWDB-1108 Guidance Guidance on Procuring Architects and Engineers When Receiving Financial Assistance from the CWSRF
TWDB-1108-A Form Architectural and Engineering Services Procurement Certification
TWDB-1109 Guidance SRF Project Public Awareness Guidance
TWDB-1109-A Form SRF Project Public Awareness Certification
TWDB-1201 Form Budget Template for Projects
TWDB-1300 Guidance Agriculture Conservation Program Application
TWDB-1964 Form Water Conservation Plan Goals Table Form
TWDB-1965R Form Water Conservation Utility Profile (Retail)
TWDB-1965W Form Water Conservation Utility Profile (Wholesale)
TWDB-1966 Form Water Conservation Annual Report for Retail Water Suppliers
TWDB-1967 Form Water Conservation Program Annual Report for Non-Water Suppliers
TWDB-1968 Guidance Water Conservation Plan Guidance Checklist
TWDB-1969 Form Water Conservation Program Annual Report for Wholesale Water Supplier
TWDB-1700-B Guidance Fiscal Sustainability Plan Best Management Practices
TWDB-1700-A Form CWSRF Fiscal Sustainability Plan Certification
TWDB-1800 Guidance Project Map Example
WRD-017 Guidance Project Files and Construction Records
WRD-019 Guidance Project Representative's Daily Report
WRD-023A Guidance EDAP Facility Plan Scope of Services
WRD-208A Form Surface Water Affidavit
WRD-253A Form Wastewater Project Information
WRD-253D Form Water Project Information from Applicant
WRD-255 Form Bidder's Certifications - EEO
WRD-273E Form Survey Form for Obtaining Socioeconomic Data-English
WRD-273S Form Survey Form for Obtaining Socioeconomic Data-Spanish
WRD-277 Form Cost & Pricing Information, State Projects
WRD-283 Form Surveyor Certification
WRD-284 Guidance Census Data Search
WRD-285 Guidance Socioeconomic Survey Guidelines

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