Welcome New RFPG Members

Welcome to the first cycle of the regional flood planning process!

At the October 1, 2020 Board meeting, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) designated the initial voting members of the 15 regional flood planning groups. These planning groups will be responsible for developing Texas' first regional flood plans by January 2023, which will culminate in the state's first-ever state flood plan. For information on the selection process, please see the October 1, 2020, Board item.

Referenced below are sources of information that will assist you as you familiarize yourself with the framework of flood planning in Texas and planning efforts in your region. If you need additional information, please contact the project manager for your regional flood planning group.

Regional Flood Planning

The overarching goal of regional flood planning, and the comprehensive state flood plan that will rely on the plans created by these regions, is to protect against loss of life and property from flooding.

The TWDB will soon be notifying and convening you for your initial, largely organizational, regional meeting. We will also provide public notice of the meeting and an agenda as well as facilitate the meeting. At this first meeting, the goal will be to vote on several key governance and administrative items in order to establish your group and begin making progress, including

  1. the by-laws under which your group will conduct business,
  2. selection of a chair or interim chair to lead the group, and
  3. designation of a political subdivision to serve as the planning group sponsor to apply for financial assistance from the TWDB and to support all the RFPG's subsequent public meetings.

The regional flood planning hyperlinks on the right-side bar provide access to documents and information such as frequently asked questions and upcoming meeting schedules.

The following new member overview document provides a summary of the background of regional flood planning, key roles and responsibilities in the planning process, funding of the planning process, regional flood plan contents, and planning resources: Regional Flood Planning Group New Member Overview

In order to meaningfully participate in the upcoming RFPG meetings, it will be beneficial for you to review the following resources:

Upon designation by the TWDB on October 1, 2020, you are a member of the group and subject to Texas Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act requirements. This is of particular importance with regard to restrictions on interactions between RFPG members outside of their publicly posted meetings. For your convenience, here are links to the Office of Attorney General's Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act training that all members are to take within 90 days, but preferably prior to attending the first planning group meetings. Please ensure you obtain and maintain your course completion certificates.