Water Science & Conservation

Deputy Executive Administrator: John Dupnik


Groundwater Modeling

Groundwater Monitoring

Recorder Well Team

Groundwater Technical Assistance

Groundwater Data Team

Brackish Resource Aquifer Characterization System

Coastal Science

River Science

TexMesonet & Hydrosurvey

Water Availability

Drought Information

  • Media Contact
    Lauren Munguia
    Telephone: (512) 463-8165
  • Municipal & Industrial Drought Management and Conservation
    John Sutton
    Telephone: (512) 463-7988
  • Agricultural Drought Management and Conservation
    Cameron Turner
    Telephone: (512) 936-6090
  • Drought Indices and Water Resources Data
    Nelun Fernando
    Telephone: (512) 475-0454
  • Water Conservation Publications-English & Spanish
    John Sutton
    Telephone: (512) 463-7988
  • Planning Data request for the state of Texas
    Sabrina Anderson
    Telephone: (512) 936-0886
  • Financial Assistance for Water Supply Improvements
    Jessica Pena
    Telephone: (512) 475-3734

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

  • Yi Chan, 512-936-6903
    National Flood Insurance Program State Coordinator
    Manager, Community Assistance Program
  • Paul Gutierrez, 512-463-7771
    Flood Outreach Specialist
  • Raddiete Sogaolu, 512-936-0885
    Flood Outreach Specialist
  • Richie Hernandez, 915-834-7604
    Flood Outreach Specialist, El Paso Field Office
  • Luz Ballesteros Gonzalez 512-383-6594
    Flood Outreach Specialist, Harlingen Field Office
  • Kate de Gennaro 512-463-7706
    Flood Outreach Specialist, Houston Field Office

Flood Grants Coordination Flood Mitigation Assistance and State Flood Grant Programs

Flood Grants Group

Flood Mapping

Flood Modeling


Agricultural Water Conservation

  • Vacant
    Team Lead, Natural Resource Specialist, Contract Management and Outreach
  • Antonio Delgado
    Engineering Specialist, Irrigation Estimates Data and Methodology

Municipal Water Conservation

  • Daniel Rice
    Team Lead, Water Conservation Data Specialist
  • Shae Luther
    Conservation Education Specialist
  • Josh Sendejar
    Water Conservation Specialist, Water Conservation Advisory Council
  • Travis Brice
    Water Conservation Specialist, Water Conservation Plans
  • Mark Mathis
    Water Conservation Specialist, Water Loss Audits

Innovative Water Technologies

Aquifer Storage and Recovery


Water Reuse