Planning Data

Regional Water Planning Data

Ad-hoc queries and reports from the Water Planning Database, review of electronic data sets in the Regional Water Plans and in Plan amendments, data extracts/compilations for TWDB State Water Plans, and data for Office of Planning Loan Reviews and Groundwater Management Plan Certifications

Planning Data Dashboard

Interactive dashboards displaying historical population and water use data, as well as population and water demand projections for 16 Regional Water Planning Groups and 254 counties in Texas.

Population and Water Demand Projections Data

Population and Water Demand Projections Data: DRAFT water demand projections for the 2026 Regional Water Plans and past Board-Approved population and water demand projections for counties and for Water User Groups (cities, utilities, and county-other rural areas) in each of the 16 planning regions

Socio-Economic Analysis

Economic, demographic and policy studies related to water resource management and planning including the socioeconomic impact analysis of unmet water demands as defined and identified in state and regional water planning. Other types of economic and policy studies include special requests from the Texas Legislature and TWDB executive staff.