Water Loss Auditor Training

For additional information, please contact TWDB's Water Loss Audit team at WLA-Group@twdb.texas.gov or 512-463-0987.

Water loss audits are required to be completed by a person trained to conduct water loss auditing. Training made available by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) satisfies Texas Water Code Section 16.0121(i) (amended by House Bill 1573 of the 85th Legislature). This training can be satisfied by watching the Water Loss Auditor Training video or attending a Water Loss, Use, and Conservation Webinar.

All water loss training is associated with the individual, not the utility, and is only required once, unless there are subsequent changes to legislative requirements.

Once you have watched the video or attended a webinar training has been completed you will receive an ackowledgement of training. Individuals watching the training video will receive instructions on how to download, save and print an acknowledgement of completion of the training video. Acknowledgements for webinar attendees are emailed to the individual.

Individuals must maintain the acknowledgement of training in their personal records and upload it to the water loss audit every year you are submitting an audit. TWDB will NOT maintain these records but will verify that the individual has received training by viewing the acknowledgement attached to the water loss audit. The name on the acknowledgement must match the name of the individual completing the water loss audit.

Training Video

Below is a link to the one-hour Water Loss Auditor Training video: Water Loss Auditor Training Video. If the certificate link at the end of the video does not work please use this link or email WLA-Group@twdb.texas.gov for a copy.

Water loss auditors may also satisfy Texas Water Code Section 16.0121(i) by attending a TWDB Water Loss, Use, and Conservation webinar.

Water Loss, Use, and Conservation (WLUC) webinars

The WLUC webinars, part of TWDB’s Technical Assistance for Water Loss Control program (TAWLC), looks at water loss from a water stewardship perspective. Public utility revenue loss, collecting and reporting accurate data, assessing, auditing, and data validation will be reviewed. Data validation is accomplished using TWDB’s assessment scales which help utilities identify action items for water loss control.

The WLUC webinars are provided at no cost to participants and approved for 4 hours of continuing education for licensed water operators through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Attendance at these workshops also satisfies the legislative requirement under 31 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) § 358.6 (b)(4), requiring water loss auditor training prior to submitting a water loss audit to the TWDB. The training requirement can also be satisfied by viewing a archived recordings of previous WLUC webinars found here.