Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF) Category 1 - Flood Protection Planning Grants for Watersheds

This category of funding is part of the Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF) and was designed to support studies that conduct planning of entire watersheds no smaller than HUC-10 to better inform the development of strategies using structural and nonstructural measures before a flood event, such as determining and describing problems from or related to flooding, identifying, and planning solutions to flooding problems, and estimating the benefits and costs of these solutions.

Category 1 projects are eligible to receive a maximum of 100 percent grant funds based on criteria outlined in the Flood Intended Use Plan (FIUP). Recipients of financial assistance may either use their own funds or borrow FIF funds at zero percent interest for any portion of the remaining project cost.

This page is set up to provide resources and information to current FIF CAT 1 grant recipients.

As of February, 2022, board commitment and grant execution of all 46 FIF CAT1 projects have been completed under the 2020 FIUP. Future availability of funding for this category are dependent of legislative actions, future appropriations, and TWDB allocation decisions.