Regional Water Planning Educational Information

This page contains educational documents on the regional and state water planning process.

Additional agency program information sheets may be found here: Program Information Sheets

Title Revision date
Uncertainty in Regional Water Planning 2023/07
Approaches to Estimating Transient and Rural Population and Water Use in Regional Water Planning 2023/05
Summary of the Population Revision Request Process for Regional Water Planning 2023/06
Designating Unique Stream Segments and Unique Reservoir Sites 2019/01
Drought Response Information, Activities, and Recommendations in Regional Water Plans 2023/05
Modeled Available Groundwater Peak Factor 2017/02
Regional Water Planning in Texas 2022/11
Regional Water Planning in Texas and the Drought of Record 2022/10
Regional Water Planning in Texas: Interregional Conflicts 2019/10
Regional Water Planning Groups in Texas: What They Do and Don’t Do 2019/04
Regional Water Planning Groups in Texas: What They Do and Don’t Do (Spanish) 2019/04
Regional Water Planning: The Simplified Planning Process 2018/05
Regional Water Planning: Water Availability and Existing Water Supply 2020/08
Strategies and Projects that Provide both Water Supply and Flood Mitigation 2022/09
Texas Water Service Boundary Viewer 2019/01
The Role of Modeled Available Groundwater in Regional Water Planning 2019/04
Water Supply Planning Consistency Reviews for TWDB Financial Assistance Projects 2023/01
Water User Groups, Wholesale Water Providers, and Major Water Providers in Regional Water Planning 2018/02
2022 State Water Plan 2022/11
2022 State Water Plan (Spanish) 2022/06
Interactive State Water Plan 2022/11
State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) 2022/11