BRACS Geophysical Well Logs

Digital geophysical well logs are available upon request. Well attributes for each of these logs include: the digital file name, file type (TIFF (Tagged Image File Format); PDF (Portable Document Format); LAS (Log ASCII Standard)), state code-county code folder name, and tool type(s). Well attributes for these logs are also listed in the BRACS Database.

File sizes are quite variable, depending on the length of the geophysical log and the technique and settings used to convert the paper log to a digital format and range from less than one megabyte to over 500 megabytes per log. Quality of the logs is also quite variable, from poor (generally from third party collections) to excellent (400 dpi gray scale or color).

If you would like copies of the geophysical well logs, please email For more information, you may also contact Sydney Weitkunat at (ph. 512-475-1853) or Olga Bauer at (ph. 512-475-1611).

The geophysical well logs are organized by state and county code. We typically copy the data for an entire county on a USB flash drive or external drive. Please specify the county(s) and we can provide the cumulative file size to determine the size of the external drive required. The customer can also request one or two well logs that can be emailed directly.

The USB flash drive or external drive should be empty and free of viruses. We will run a virus check before copying data, and drives with a virus will be returned. The TWDB will not be responsible for any existing data on a drive.

Please also provide an addressed envelope or box with paid postage to return the drive in the mail. Adding insurance to the package is optional.

Mail the drive and envelope to: BRACS Program, Texas Water Development Board, 1700 North Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78711-3231.