Water Reuse Facts

Existing Facilities

Texas was home to the first direct potable reuse facility in the state and nation. The Colorado River Municipal Water District has operated the Raw Water Production Facility in Big Spring since 2013. There was also a temporary direct potable reuse facility in Wichita Falls in 2014–15, and two more direct potable reuse projects are currently in the works in El Paso and Liberty Hill.

There are five indirect potable reuse operating facilities in Texas:

2022 State Water Plan

  • The regional water planning groups in Texas estimated that existing supply from water reuse is projected to produce about 714,000 acre-feet of water per year by 2070, constituting a 15 percent increase. The increase in reuse existing supplyis primarily due to an increase in wastewater flows associated with an increasing population and the capacity of existing reuse facilities.
  • 15 of the 16 regional water planning groups (exceptions are regions P) have recommended water reuse as a water management strategy in the 2022 State Water Plan.
  • Reuse will account for about 14.4 percent (1,106,000 acre-feet) of all new water supplies in 2070 if all reuse recommended water management strategies are fully implemented.

NOTE: All information from summaries of 2022 State Water Plan.