Water Use Survey

The Online Water Use Survey is closed for the remainder of the year for post-processing of data and will re-open January 2025.

If you would like to submit a past-due survey, please use a PDF form and return the complete survey to the Water Use Survey Team.

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is legislatively directed to provide planning and financial assistance for the development and management of water resources in Texas. This activity is dependent upon the accuracy and completeness of the information that water users provide in the annual Water Use Survey. The TWDB annually collects and maintains accurate information concerning current state water use in various reports accessible here: Historical Water Use Estimates.

Ways to Complete the Survey

For questions about the Water Use Survey, please contact the Water Use Survey Team, (512) 463-7952

The Survey is Required by Law

Texas State Law requires all recipients of the Water Use Survey to submit a completed survey. Failure to return a complete survey will result in ineligibility for TWDB financial assistance and ineligibility to obtain water right permits, amendments, or renewals from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality until the survey is administratively completed. Collection of accurate water use data is a vital component in the assessment of conservation initiatives, efforts to address limited water supplies and facilities in some areas, and to provide for continuing population growth.

Texas Water Code Section 16.012m The executive administrator may conduct surveys of entities using groundwater and surface water for municipal, industrial, power generation, or mining purposes at intervals determined appropriate by the executive administrator to gather data to be used for long-term water supply planning. Recipients of the survey shall complete and return the survey to the executive administrator. A person who fails to timely complete and return the survey is not eligible for funding from the board for board programs and is ineligible to obtain permits, permit amendments, or permit renewals from the commission under Chapter 11. A person who fails to complete and return the survey commits an offense that is punishable as a Class C misdemeanor. This subsection does not apply to survey information regarding windmills used for domestic and livestock use.

Water Loss, Use, and Conservation Reports

Submittal Deadlines for Public Water Systems

For Public Water Systems, the reporting of the Water Loss Audit, Water Use Survey, and Annual Water Conservation Report is consolidated into an online application that unifies reporting. The application was developed to streamline data entry and improve data collection and analysis. When the Water Use Survey data is entered and submitted online, certain fields will auto-populate into the Water Loss Audit and Annual Water Conservation Report. More information is available here: Municipal Conservation Homepage.

For questions, please contact the Water Loss Audit Team, (512) 463-0987 or the Water Conservation Plan, Utility Profile, Annual Report Team, (512) 475-1639