TWDB Application Program Management (APM) System

Public Access | Secured Access (requires registration and login)

Welcome to the TWDB Application Program Management System.  Because of recent changes to our website, access to some of the TWDB's applications has changed.  There are two type of access: Public and Secured.  Public access allows everyone to view a list of applications and access these applications anonymously.  Secured access requires an user to log in to view a list of applications and access approved applications in addition to applications offered in public access.

Public Access

There is only one group: Public TWDB Web Applications.  The group contains the following applications:

  • Intended Use Program
  • Water IQ
  • Major Rivers Program

To access these programs, visit the Public Access section.

Secured Access

There are three groups: My Favorite TWDB Web Application, TWDB Web Applications You Have Access To, and TWDB Applications You may Request Access to.  These groups may or may not contain the following applications and vary depending on user and network configurations:

  • Intended Use Program
  • Water IQ
  • ARRA Contact Application
  • Major Rivers Program
  • Water Loss Audit
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • High School Quiz Request Access
  • Conservation Literature and Technical Assistance

To access these programs, visit the Secured Access section.

NOTE: You may not have any access to secured applications, even if you were granted access to the application(s) in the past.  If you need access to one of the applications listed, please click on the Secured Access link at the top of this page.  A page of applications will then display.  Click the Request Access link to the right of the application name.  Upon clicking Request Access link, the link label will change from Request Access to Pending Approval, and you will receive an e-mail notification immediately. Wait for a second e-mail that explains whether your access to the requested application is granted or denied.  If access to the application is granted, log in and click on the application to access it.  If access is denied, you will receive a message that you are not authorized to use the application. Contact information will be provided on that page.  Please contact the identified TWDB staff person to gain access rights.  It is also possible that the application you are seeking will not show on your list.  In that case, please contact for assistance.