Texas Rain Catcher Awards

The Texas Water Development Board's Texas Rain Catcher Award is a rainwater harvesting competition and recognition program established October 1, 2007, to promote technology, educate the public, and to recognize excellence in the application of rainwater harvesting systems in Texas.

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2020 Winning Entries

Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and the Parker County Livestock Improvement Association

Rainwater collected for use during stock shows and rodeos for livestock consumption and washing.

Anodamine, Inc.

A rainwater harvesting system installed to replace potable water use in industrial processes.

Austin Central Library

The Austin Central Library utilizes alternative water supplies, primarily rainwater, to offset potable water supply needs.

Texas Tech University's Home Utility Management System (HUMS)

HUMS uses collected rainwater as the sole potable water supply for research on a decentralized utility model.

Wimberley Independent School District's One Water School - Blue Hole Primary

Rainwater harvesting employed as part of an integrated water management approach on the Blue Hole Primary campus.

Duke Residence

Rainwater collection is the Duke’s only source of potable water available to their home.

2020 Honorable Mention

Creosote Collaborative

*2019 Rain Catcher Awards did not occur due to changes in award deadlines*

2018 winners: