Texas Rain Catcher Awards

The Texas Water Development Board's Texas Rain Catcher Award is a rainwater harvesting competition and recognition program established October 1, 2007, to promote technology, educate the public, and to recognize excellence in the application of rainwater harvesting systems in Texas.

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2017 Winning Entries

BAE Systems

The company uses harvested rainwater for toilet flushing and educational garden irrigation at its 140-acre campus.

George Mills Memorial Rain Garden

The park was engineered to retain up to 25,000 gallons of runoff and sculpted to simulate five ecological biomes of the Trans-Pecos region.

Sycamore Springs Elementary/Middle School

The school uses three rainwater harvesting components capable of capturing a total of 360,000 gallons per year, reducing municipal supply demands.

Las Pampas Colonia

A collaborative team constructed two residential demonstration projects to illustrate the potential to reduce the need for trucked-in water.

Hennigan Residence

The residence is a demonstration of sustainable living that incorporates both rooftop-capture and stormwater-runoff harvesting methods to supply water for the property.

2016 winners:

Archived Winning Entries (2007-2015)