Historical Water Loss Audit and Conservation Annual Report Data

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) conducts an annual survey of ground and surface water use by municipal and industrial entities within the state of Texas via the Water Use Survey. For retail public water suppliers that have an active financial obligation with the agency or have more than 3,300 retail connections, a Water Loss Audit must also be submitted annually. Finally, if an entity has a financial obligation with the agency greater than $500,000, has more than 3,300 retail connections or has a surface water right with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), a water conservation plan must be on file and a Conservation Annual Report must also be submitted each year that any of these conditions is true.

In 2013, the 83rd Texas Legislature appropriated funds to the Texas Water Development Board to streamline the online data collection for the Board’s water planning and conservation programs. The bill called for the development of "an online tool to consolidate reporting requirements related to the Water Use Survey, annual Water Loss Report, and annual Water Conservation Report. The agency shall also develop an online tool to quantify water conservation savings. The agency shall provide the ability for these reports to be completed, submitted and viewable by the public online".

This consolidation project was divided into 3 phases, with delivery dates scheduled over a 3 year period. Phase 1 was the development of a single point of entry through which entities were able to access their Water Use Survey and Water Loss Audit reports and common data will be passed from one report to another. This was deployed in January 2015 for reporting year 2014. Phase 2 was the creation of a new Water Conservation application and database which receives common data from both the Water Use Survey and Water Loss Audit, as well as other data, that will assist in the completion of an entity’s Utility Profile and Conservation Annual Report. This will be achieved by continuing the population of common data into these reports from the Water Use Survey and Water Loss Audit as well as using historical data that will now be stored in the new database. This was deployed in January 2017 for reporting year 2016.

Phase 3 was the development of a tool through which reports related to any of the above applications will be accessible to the public online and those reports may be accessed below.

Water Loss Audit Historical Data

Conservation Annual Report Historical Data

For further information on or if there are questions about any of the above reports, please contact Water Loss staff (WLA-Group@twdb.texas.gov) or Water Conservation staff (wcpteam@twdb.texas.gov).