Study Commission on Region C Water Supply

(Effort concluded November 2010)


Charges (summarized from SB3)

  • Review the water supply alternatives available to the Region C Regional Water Planning Area;
  • Analyze the socioeconomic effect on the area where the water supply is located that would result from the use of the water to meet the water needs of the Region C Regional Water Planning Area;
  • Determine whether water demand in the Region C Regional Water Planning Area may be reduced through additional conservation and reuse measures;
  • Evaluate measures that would need to be taken to comply with the mitigation requirements of the United States Army Corps of Engineers in connection with any proposed new reservoirs;
  • Consider whether the mitigation burden may be shared by the Regions C and D Regional Water Planning Areas in proportion to the allocation to each region of water in any proposed reservoir;
  • Review innovative methods of compensation to affected property owners;
  • Evaluate the minimum number of surface acres required for the construction of proposed reservoirs; and
  • Identify the locations of proposed reservoir sites and proposed mitigation sites, as applicable, as selected in accordance with existing state and federal law, in the Regions C and D Regional Water Planning Areas.
  • Link to SB3 | Bylaws
  • Proposed Timeline to Complete Work (06/03/10)
  • Phase II Administrative Timeline
  • Phase I Administrative Timeline

Request for Statements of Qualifications


Region C

  • Senator Florence Shapiro
  • Representative Jody Laubenberg
  • Jim Parks, Region C Chairman

Region D

  • Representative Stephen Frost
  • Tom Duckert, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, International Paper
  • Richard LeTourneau, Region D Chairman

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

TWDB Contact for Region C Study Commission

For questions regarding this commission or study, contact the TWDB Region Water Planning Team Lead.