Welcome New RWPG Members

Welcome to the regional water planning process! Referenced below are sources of information that may assist you as you familiarize yourself with the history of water planning in Texas and planning efforts in your region. If you need additional information, please contact the project manager for your regional water planning group.

Regional Water Planning

For new planning group members, please see the following welcome letter from the Office of Planning Deputy Executive Administrator:
New Regional Water Planning Group Member Welcome Letter

For additional introductory information, the following new member overview document provides a summary of the background of regional water planning, key roles and responsibilities in the planning process, funding of the planning process, regional water plan contents, and planning resources:
Regional Water Planning Group Member Overview

The most recent set of regional water plans were approved by the TWDB by January 2021. The process of developing the 2026 Regional Water Plans began in the Summer of 2021, the current Sixth Cycle of Regional Water Planning.

The regional water planning hyperlinks on the right side bar provide access to the 16 regional water plans, documents and information specific to the 6th planning cycle, and region specific planning group information and meeting schedules.

Planning group members and contacts can also be accessed at the following link:
Planning Group Members and Contacts

A list of counties within each regional water planning area and region specific maps can be accessed at the following links, and an interactive planning group map is located towards the bottom of the page:

State Water Planning

Once the regional planning group adopts its regional water plan, the plan is sent to the TWDB for approval. The TWDB then compiles information from each of the approve regional water plans and other sources to develop the state water plan. Additional information on the state water plan can be found through the following links:

Regional Water Planning Group Interactive Map

To view a region of interest, please click within that region's boundary on the interactive map below or the region's name in the adjacent list.