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Hydrologic Atlases

Begun in 1990 by the TWDB Groundwater Section, this series of maps illustrates groundwater conditions in specific aquifers for that time period.

Number Title Published
Hydrologic Atlas 1 Water-Level Changes in the High Plains Aquifer of Texas, 1980-1990 by John B. Ashworth (pdf - 379KB) 1991
Hydrologic Atlas 2 Areas Experiencing Significant Ground-Water Level Decline - 1980-1990 by Janie Payne (pdf - 3.91MB) 1991
Hydrologic Atlas 3 Water Quality in the Edwards-Trinity (Plateau) Aquifer, Edwards Plateau and Trans-Pecos, Texas by Janie Hopkins (pdf - 1.0MB) 1995
Hydrologic Atlas 4
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Water Quality in Woodbine Aquifer by Janie Hopkins 1996
Hydrologic Atlas 5 Water Quality in the Sparta Aquifer by Merrick Biri (pdf - 1.83MB) 1997
Hydrologic Atlas 6 Water Quality in the Queen City Aquifer by Eric Brown (pdf - 2.33MB) 1997
Hydrologic Atlas 7 Areas Experiencing Significant Water-Level Decline, 1985-1995, by Janie Hopkins (pdf - 376KB) 1996
Hydrologic Atlas 8 Water Quality in the Capitan Reef Aquifer by Eric Brown (pdf - 760KB) 1997
Hydrologic Atlas 9 Water Quality in the Rustler Aquifer by Eric Brown (pdf - 743KB) 1998
Hydrologic Atlas 10 Updated Water-Quality Evaluation of the Ogallala Aquifer Including Selected Metallic and Non-Metallic Inorganic Constituents by Steven Schriver and Janie Hopkins (pdf - 872KB) 1998