Fishery Inventory and Habitat Assessment of Spring Lake at Aquarena Center

Aquarena Springs report (3.8 MB pdf, landscape page layout, color)

The TWDB provided assistance to Aquarena Center beginning in 1996, when Duane Thomas conducted a hydrographic survey of Spring Lake to develop bottom profiles and a volumetric determination.  Since that time, Ray Mathews conducted a fishery inventory and habitat assessment using the bottom contour data, GPS point data for each major spring, fishery collections, and habitat classification to provide Aquarena Center with an educational too for this important aquatic system.  The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department assisted Mr. Mathews in identification of the fish species collected during diving operations using an underwater seine.  Aquarena Center is owned and operated by Texas State University as an environmental education facility and preserve for four endangered species. Ray Mathews is a certified research diver for the Center, and has volunteered his time and expertise over the years to assist with their program

For more information, visit the Aquarena Springs website.