Sixth Cycle of Regional Water Planning Documents: 2026 Regional Water Plans

Documents applicable to developing the 2026 Regional Water Plans are posted below. Additional documents will be posted as they become available. Dates listed on this webpage indicate the date the document was posted online, or if noted, the date the document was last updated.

Project Documents

Regional Water Planning Project documents will be organized by Scope of Work Task.

General Documents

Task 1: Planning Area Description

Task 2: Population & Water Demand Projections

Task 3: Water Supply Analysis

Task 4B: Identification of Infeasible Water Management Strategies in the previously adopted 2021 Regional Water Plan

Task 4C: Technical Memorandums

Task 5 (A, B, C): Potentially Feasible WMSs and Projects; Evaluation and Recommendation of WMSs and Projects; Conservation Recommendations

Task 6: Impacts of the Regional Water Plan and Consistency with Protection of Resources

Task 8: Recommendations Regarding Unique Stream Segments and/or Reservoir Sites and Legislative & Regional Policy Issues

Task 10: Public Participation & Plan Adoption

Administrative Documents

Rules and Public Notice Tools

Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act Resources

Plan Amendment Guidance

Contact Lists

Note: You may wish to contact the TCEQ's Water Supply Division/Water Availability Division (512-239-4691) for the most up to date version of their lists. The TWDB obtained updated versions of the Water Rights, Public Water Utilities lists and the General/Special Law Districts & River Authorities lists in February 2020.


  • 1/26/22: 2026 Regional Water Plan Projections Methodology Overview Presentation from the January 26, 2022 RWPG Chairs Conference Call