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2026 Regional Water Plan DRAFT Municipal Demand Projections

The data on this website supports the 6th regional water planning cycle. Draft Water User Group (WUG) population projections are based on the Texas Demographic Center's 2022 county-level population projections. Municipal water demand projections are a function of the draft population projections, draft baseline Gallons per Capita per Day (GPCD), and projected plumbing code savings. All data is subject to change per Regional Water Planning Groups' review. Historical WUG data was developed using the TWDB's Water Use Survey and the U.S. Census Bureau county-level population estimates and counts. Download data and methodology documents below each dashboard.

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DRAFT Population and Municipal Demand Projections

To view the interactive data: Use the left side pane to navigate to different views. Use the drop-down filters to view data by Region, County, or WUG, as applicable. Note: population projections data in this dashboard are based on the 1.0 migration scenario.

Data Source Name Data Source Link
2026 RWP Population and Municipal Water Demand Projections Methodology Population and Municipal Projections Methodology Summary for the 2026 RWPs
2026 RWP Water User Group Boundaries 2026 RWP Municipal Water User Group Boundaries Shapefile
2022 SWP Demand Projections 2022 State Water Plan Population Projections

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