3rd Regional Water Planning Cycle (2007-2011) Region-Specific Studies

Some reports have accompanying datasets too large to post online. To request a copy of data on CD or DVD, please email the Contract Administrator. For all other reports contracted by TWDB, please visit our report page.

Region A

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830686)

Region B

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830687)

Region C

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830687). Note: special studies and backup files are available separately on CD-ROM.

Region D

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830689). Note: maps and data are available separately on CD-ROM.

Region E

Region-Specific Studies

Region F

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830691). Note: Documents and data files are available separately on CD-ROM.

Region G

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830692). Note: Documents and data files are available separately on DVD.

  • Study 1: Updated Drought of Record and Water Quality Implications for Reservoirs Upstream of Possum Kingdom Reservoir (April 2009)
  • Study 2: Groundwater Availability Model of the Edwards-Trinity (Plateau) and Dockum Aquifer in Western Nolan and Eastern Mitchell Counties, Texas (April 2009)
  • Study 3: Regionalization Strategies to Assist Small Water Systems in Meeting New SDWA Requirements (April 2009)
  • Study 4: Brazos G Activities in Support of Region C's Water Supply Study for Ellis, Johnson, Southern Dallas, and Southern Tarrant Counties (Four County Study) (April 2009)
  • Study 5: Updated Water Management Strategies for Water User Groups in McLennan County (April 2009)

Region H

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830693)

Region I

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830694). Note: data are available separately on CD-ROM.

Region J

Region-Specific Studies

Region K

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830696)

Region L

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830697)

Region M

Region-Specific Studies

Region N

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830699). Note: Project files are available separately on CD-rom.

  • Study 1 - Evaluation of Additional Potential Regional Water Supplies for Delivery through the Mary Rhodes Pipeline, Including Gulf Coast Groundwater and Garwood Project (April 2009)
  • Study 2 - Optimization and Implementation Studies for Off-Channel Reservoir (April 2009)
  • Study 3 - Implementation Analyses for Pipeline from CCR to LCC, Including Channel Loss Study Downstream of Choke Canyon Reservoir (April 2009)
  • Study 4 - Water Quality Modeling of Regional Water Supply System to Enhance Water Quality and Improve Industrial Water Conservation (April 2009)
  • Study 5 - Region-Specific Water Conservation Best Management Practices (BMPs) (April 2009)

Region O

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830700) (April 2009). Note: Documents and data files are available separately on CD-rom.

Region P

Region-Specific Studies (Contract Number: 0704830701)