Brackish Groundwater Comingling

Project Summary:

The objective is to assess brackish groundwater comingling issues statewide and then focuses on Gulf Coast Aquifer, Eagle Ford Shale Region, and Trans-Pecos Area. The TWDB Brackish Resources Aquifer Characterization System (BRACS) Program defines brackish groundwater as groundwater with 1,000 to 10,000 milligram per liter total dissolved solids. The assessment shall identify key problems and possible solutions and provide supporting data. At minimum, the assessment should determine what qualifies as comingling, where degradation occurs, and if commingling of two poor quality zones is allowable.

TWDB Contract Manager:
James Golab, Ph.D., P.G.
Funding Recipient:
Project Administrator:
Van Kelley, P.G., INTERA
Project Start Date:
November 5, 2020
Project Completion Date:
August 31, 2021
Total Project Cost:
TWDB Share of Project Cost:
The stakeholders will have access to a resource document that addresses groundwater comingling issues statewide and then focuses on assessing three specific areas (Gulf Coast Aquifer, Eagle Ford Shale Region, and Trans-Pecos Area).

Project Details


Project Sponsors:

Texas Water Development Board
James Golab, Ph.D., P.G.- Contract Manager
1700 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78711

Funding Recipient / Project Manager:

Van Kelley, P.G. – Senior Vice President
1812 Centre Creek Drive, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78754

Project Milestones

Event Date
Announcement of Request for Qualifications February 28, 2020
Study approved by TWDB Board March 13, 2020
Statement of Qualifications received by TWDB March 30, 2020
Contract executed August 2, 2020
Task Order executed November 5, 2020
Stakeholder Meeting February 5, 2021
Draft Report Submitted to TWDB June 30, 2021
TWDB Technicial Review Completed August 6, 2021
Final Report Submitted to TWDB August 31, 2021
Final Results Presented to TDLR September 28, 2021

Progress Reports

Stakeholder Meetings

  • Stakeholder Meeting Stakeholder meeting about the potential for groundwater comingling as it relates to brackish groundwater development held virtually on Friday, February 5, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Final Report and Data