2023 Regional Flood Plan

Working Documents (2020–2023)

Documents applicable to developing the 2023 Regional Flood Plans can be found at the following links. Additional documents will be posted as they become available. Dates listed on this webpage indicate the date the document was posted online, or if noted, the date the document was last updated.

Contract Documents and Guidelines

  1. General Document Cross Reference (04/30/21)
  2. Scope of Work (04/11/2022)
  3. Exhibit C: Technical Guidelines for Regional Flood Planning (also available in Track Changes Version after Public Comments) provides technical guidelines and submittal requirements for each scope item and additional technical guidance regarding population estimates, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, benefit-cost ratio analysis, etc. (04/30/21)
  4. Exhibit D: Data Submittal Guidelines for Regional Flood Planning provides data submittal guidelines for regional flood planning. (07/02/2021)
  5. Exhibit C Tables is an Excel worksheet that provides templates for all tables that are required to be included in the regional flood plan. This is being provided alongside this guidance document. (04/30/21)
  6. Project Details Template is an excel worksheet intended to acquire detailed project data for each flood mitigation project (FMP) recommended in the regional flood plan. This is being provided alongside the guidelines. (04/30/21)
  7. Flood Planning Geodatabase Templates: The TWDB generated template GIS geodatabases with multiple feature classes and tables for the RFPGs. Each planning group must fill the template geodatabase with relevant regional flood planning data. The template geodatabases are populated with feature classes and fields to match the specifications in Exhibit D: Data Submittal Guidelines. The geodatabase templates are being provided with the guidelines. (04/30/2021)
  8. Flood Planning Data Hub: To support the Regional Flood Planning Groups (RFPGs), the TWDB has assembled a wide array of flood-related data. The data, all of which come from publicly available sources, has been centralized into a single, easy-to-use Data Hub. (04/30/2021)
  9. Draft Floodplain Quilt: The floodplain quilt consists of multiple layers of data from various sources available throughout the state to ‘quilt’ together a single flood hazard dataset. The Quilt is only the starting point of flood hazard data for the RFPGs. RFPGs will need to review and potentially re-prioritize the quilt data as appropriate by location and incorporate additional information available in their respective regions. The draft floodplain quilt, floodplain quilt input viewer and prioritization are being provided alongside the guidelines. The first official quilt will be posted by mid-May. (04/30/2021)
  10. Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) Input Tool and Instructions: The TWDB funded and guided the development of a user-friendly benefit cost analysis (BCA) input interface in the form of a spreadsheet document that works in conjunction with the FEMA Benefit-Cost Analysis Toolkit. This is being provided alongside the guidelines. Summary of updates (04/06/2022)
  11. TWDB Contracting Documents (04/21/2021) – Guidelines for Progress Reports, Reimbursement Checklist, Subcontracting Guidelines, etc.
  12. Regional Flood Plan Amendment Process & Timeline (12/20/22)

Administrative Documents

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