Green Project Reserve (GPR)

The purpose of the Green Project Reserve (GPR) is to guide funding toward projects that:

  • utilize green or soft-path practices to complement and augment hard or gray infrastructure,
  • adopt practices that reduce the environmental footprint of water and wastewater treatment, collection, and distribution,
  • help utilities adapt to climate change,
  • adopt more sustainable solutions to wet weather flows,
  • provide mechanisms to reinvest savings from reductions in water loss and energy conservation,
  • promote innovative approaches to water management problems.

Projects eligible for the GPR may receive a portion of their requested funding in the form of subsidy, subject to the availability of funds. The GPR can be used for planning, design, and/or construction activities that advance one or more of the objectives articulated in the four categories (Green Infrastructure, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, and Environmentally Innovative) listed in the GPR guidance document.

The TWDB provides worksheets for both the CWSRF and DWSRF programs to assist in verifying the eligibility of potential GPR projects during the application review process. The worksheets may be used for a Business Case analysis of a project not considered Categorically Eligible. The following projects include GPR elements and have assistance agreements in place. The linked worksheets are for informational purposes, as each case is evaluated individually based on project specifics.

Green Project Reserve Business Case Evaluations

Green Project Reserve DWSRF | Green Project Reserve CWSRF

SRF Programs IUP Year Project Name
DWSRF 2017 City of Arlington
DWSRF 2017 City of New Deal
DWSRF 2017 City of Gordon
CWSRF 2017 City of Arlington
CWSRF 2017 City of Fort Worth
CWSRF 2017 City of Grand Prairie
DWSRF 2016 North Fort Bend WA
DWSRF 2016 City of Stamford
CWSRF 2016 City of Arlington
DWSRF 2016 City of Willow Park
CWSRF 2016 City of Rio Hondo
DWSRF 2015 City of Gorman
CWSRF 2013 City of McAllen
DWSRF 2013 City of De Leon
CWSRF 2014 City of Robstown
DWSRF 2014 City of San Saba
DWSRF 2013 Valley Water Supply Corporation
DWSRF 2013 City of Willow Park
DWSRF 2014 City of Carbon
CWSRF 2014 City of Arlington
DWSRF 2013 Union WSC
DWSRF 2013 North San Saba WSC
CWSRF 2013 City of Grand Prairie
DWSRF 2013 City of Symer
DWSRF 2012 City of Hondo
DWSRF 2012 New Ulm WSC
DWSRF 2012 Springs Hill WSC
CWSRF 2012 City of Mount Vernon
DWSRF 2012 Bistone Municipal WSD
DWSRF 2012 City of Menard
DWSRF 2013 Valley Water Supply Corporation
DWSRF 2012 City of Paris
DWSRF 2012 City of Moran
DWSRF 2012 City of Comanche
DWSRF 2012 City of Breckenridge
DWSRF 2012 City of Marlin
DWSRF 2011 City of Burnet
DWSRF 2011 City of La Feria
DWSRF 2011 Eastland County WSD
DWSRF 2011 North San Saba
DWSRF 2011 City of Roscoe
DWSRF 2011 Del Rio Utilities Project
DWSRF 2011 Stephens Regional SUD
CWSRF 2012 City of Grand Prairie
CWSRF 2012 City of Brady
CWSRF 2011 Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority
CWSRF 2011 San Antonio Water System