Frequently Asked Questions - Non-Governmental/Private Entities

Financial Assistance Project Teams are assigned throughout the state to six geographic regions. Each project team includes a manager, financial analyst, engineers, environmental reviewer, and coordinates with a specific attorney and regional water planner. The project team map includes contact information for each team manager.

1. Do we need to use the TWDB application format when requesting funds?

Yes using this format ensures all necessary information is provided which will expedite the review process and recommendation to the TWDB Board for commitment.

2. Where do we send completed applications and copies?

Texas Water Development Board
PO Box 13231
1700 North Congress, 6th floor
Austin, TX 78711-3231
78701(for Courier deliveries)

3. How many copies do I need to submit?

Each applicant must submit TWO double-sided copies of which ONE is marked ORIGINAL. Also ONE indexed electronic copy, via electronic storage media such as CD or flash drive using MS Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat. Each set must include all related documentation, including all attachments.

4. Is an electronic copy necessary?

Yes, this enables us to better serve customers and expedite our processes.

5. We've been invited via a formal invitation, what is the deadline for sending in our application?

The deadline listed on your invitation letter will be the date your application is due.

6. Do all attachments need to be sent in at the same time as the application?

Yes, by submitting all these forms staff is better able to review and confirm that all necessary information is included to prepare a recommendation to the TWDB Board for commitment. Incomplete applications will delay the review and recommendation process.

7. How long will it take for my application to be presented for approval by the TWDB Board?

This depends on the program and the complexity of the project. Please contact the appropriate team manager for your region for further information.

8. Is there an application fee for filing an application?

There are no fees for filing the application. However, some of the programs have an origination fee at loan closing.

9. Who do I contact for assistance with completing the application and/or scheduling a pre-application meeting?

Please refer to Regional Water Project Development Teams for assistance.