Historical Water Use Estimates

Each year the Texas Water Development Board conducts an annual survey of ground and surface water use by municipal and industrial entities within the state of Texas. The information obtained, as well as water use estimates for irrigation, livestock and mining is then utilized by the Texas Water Development Board for water resources planning. The historical water use estimates and survey information is subject to revision as additional data and corrections are made available to the TWDB.

The reports are split between pre-2000 data, years 2000-2014, and years 2015 and later (to now include reuse). Summary estimates for 1999 and earlier are static historical estimates. Data reports for 2000 and later are generated directly from the TWDB's Water Use database and reflect the most current and accurate data available to the agency. Periodically, the data reports are refreshed and will include any new or corrected information.

New reports below for Gallons Per Capita Daily (GPCD) for Regional Water Planning Water User Group (WUG) Utilities began with 2016 water use.

Note: Historical Water Use Estimates are specific to the location where surface and groundwater is used by end users, whereas Historical Groundwater Pumpage Estimates are specific to the location where groundwater is pumped from the aquifer. The location of use may not necessarily be the same as the location of the source due to water transfers or purchases from other geographic areas.

Please read Frequently Asked Questions for more information on water use survey estimates and how they are derived.

Water Use Survey staff are dedicated to providing the best water use and pumpage estimates possible with these new reports. If problems are found with the reports or data, please contact staff at Water Use Survey Section

For viewing the reports, we recommended using Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Select a report below and then select a parameter from a dropdown menu on the top left of the report screen. After choosing from the dropdown menu, click on 'View Report' on the top right of the screen to run the report. The data can also be exported and saved as either PDF or Excel.

Water Use Summary Estimates

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Regional Water Planning Water User Group (WUG) Utility GPCD

Other Water Use Related Reports & Information

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Disclaimer The Water Use estimates posted are subject to revision as additional data and corrections are made available to the TWDB. Please note that, as of August 2014, the historical estimates for both water use and groundwater pumpage have been updated to reflect changes primarily for manufacturing, mining, and power water use estimates and irrigation groundwater pumpage estimates. See report links above for the most current estimates. Please contact staff regarding any questions