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Historical Water Use Survey Data for Public Water Systems

This interactive data dashboard displays historical water use survey and estimate data by public water system in Texas from 2010-2020. There are two sections, Intake & Sales and Categorical Use and Connections. Using our interactive data dashboard, you can view how your water use has changed over time.

If you are a public water system, please review the information for your individual system. If you notice any missing information or errors in your water use data, please contact us by March 31st 2022 by emailing the Water Use Survey Team.

  • If you would like to see copies of your past water use surveys, please visit Historical Water Use Survey Records, 2000 and later and search using the survey number provided to you in the official survey letter.
  • If you see that your data is the exact same for two or more years, this indicates that the survey was not submitted for one or more years and the information from the previous submission was used as a placeholder.
Dashboard Use Instructions

Water Intake and Sales

Intake - Water entering a water system, including self-supplied or purchased groundwater, surface water, or reuse water.

Sales - Water sales to all other public water systems or to industrial facilities (manufacturing, mining, steam electric) that buy 10 million gallons or more.

Netuse - Total Intake subtracting Total Sales. Netuse represents estimated municipal water use for a water system including single-family homes, units from multi-family buildings, and commercial and institutional water use, excluding industrial use.

Retail Connections and Use

Single-family - A classification of housing where a single detached dwelling or separate house is a free-standing residential building. Also includes duplexes.

Multi-family - A classification of housing where multiple housing units for residents are contained within one building or complex. A common form is an apartment building or condominiums.

Institutional -The use of water by an establishment dedicated to public service, such as a school, university, church, hospital, nursing home, prison or government facility. All facilities dedicated to public service are considered institutional regardless of ownership. (Examples: Educational services, Health care, Recreation, and Public Administration).

Commercial - A place of business such as a hotel, restaurant, or office building which uses water. Commercial water use does not include water used for multi-family residences, agricultural, industrial, or institutional users.

Industrial - The use of water in processes designed to convert materials of a lower order of value into forms having greater usability and commercial value, and the development of power by means other than hydroelectric, but does not include agricultural use. (Examples: mining, utilities, construction, and manufacturing).

Agricultural - Any use or activity involving agriculture, including irrigation (Examples: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting).

Reuse - The use of water that remains unconsumed after the water is used for the original purpose of use and before that water is either: Disposed, discharged, or otherwise allowed to flow into a watercourse, lake, or other body of state-owned water.

Total Metered - The sum retail water sold to Single-family, Multi-family, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural customers.

Total Unmetered - Unmetered water including known back-flushing, line-flushing, or fire department use water volumes (hydrants).

Other - Any connections that do not fit into the other categories.

For questions about how to use the dashboard, please contact the Water Use Survey Team, (512) 463-7952

Please read Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the Water Use Survey.