Randell Lake (Red River Basin)

Randell Lake, is located about three miles northwest of Denison and one mile south of Lake Texoma in Grayson County, Texas on Shawnee Creek, a tributary of the Red River. The City of Denison owns this reservoir for the purpose of municipal water supply. The Lake was initially built in 1909 and impounded waters from only Shawnee Creek. However, due to limited drainage area (only about ten square miles), there was not enough runoff to fill the lake and to meet the water supply needs of Denison. The City improved the dam spillway in 1941 and signed a contract with the U. S. Government to purchase more water from Lake Texoma on August 31, 1953. A water right is owned by the City per the Certificate of Adjudication No. 02-4901 issued by the Texas Water Commission on June 7, 1987. The lake can store 5,900 acre-feet of water and cover an area of 311 acres at conservation pool elevation 621.83 feet above mean sea level. Water level is maintained by pumping from Lake Texoma when it is necessary.