Lost Creek Reservoir (Trinity River Basin)

Lost Creek Reservoir and Dam (Photo provided by Freese and Nichols, Inc.)Lost Creek Reservoir (also known as Lake Jacksboro) is located about two miles northeast of the city of Jacksboro in Jack County, on Little Cleveland Creek, a tributary of Big Cleveland Creek and Lost Creek, a tributary of West Folk which is a tributary of the Trinity River. Lake Jacksboro is owned and operated by the city of Jacksboro for the water supply, irrigation, and recreational purposes. The original Lake Jacksboro Dam was completed in 1950 and was enlarged in 1990. The dam is an earth-fill embankment with an homogeneous earthen core. Its height is 57 feet with a length of 1,720 feet and top elevation at 1,028.9 feet above mean sea level. At the top of conservation pool elevation, 1,009.5 feet above mean sea level, the lake has a capacity of 11,950 acre feet and a surface area of about 413 acres. It drains an area of 29 square miles.

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