Lake Creek Reservoir (Brazos River Basin)

Lake Creek Reservoir and Lake Creek Dam are located about 4 miles southwest of Riesel in McLennan County, on Manos Creek, a tributary of the Brazos River.  The reservoir is owned and operated by the Texas Power and Light Company, and is used to provide condenser-cooling water for a steam-electric generating station.  Water Right Permit No. 1566 (Application No. 1685) dated May 10, 1951 was granted by the State Board of Water Engineers to the owner for constructing this reservoir.  Water is mainly filled by pumping from the Brazos River.  Construction began September 8, 1951, and the dam was completed in May 1952, except for the tainter gates.  Impoundment of water began in June 1952, by inflow from runoff from the local rains.  All construction was completed May 6, 1953, and pumping from the River began in November 1952.  The first generating unit at this plant began commercial operation on April 2, 1953. According to the original construction record, the lake has a capacity of 8,400 acre-feet encompassing a surface area of 550 acres at the elevation of 405 feet above mean sea level. The dam controls a drainage area of about 17 square miles.