Lake Kickapoo (Red River Basin)

Lake Kickapoo and Dam (Photo provided by Freese and Nichols, Inc.)Lake Kickapoo is located about ten miles northwest of Archer City in Archer County, Texas on the North Fork of the Little Wichita River, a tributary of the Red River. The lake is named after the Kickapoo tribe native to the area and for a local stream that flows into the reservoir called Kickapoo Creek. The City of Wichita Falls owns and operates this reservoir for water supply purpose. Permitted by the State Board of Water Engineers on September 16, 1944, construction of the dam began in January 1945 and was completed on December 15, 1945. Deliberate impoundment began on February 1, 1946. The dam is rolled earthfill embankment of 8,200 feet long including spillway and maximum height of 62 feet. The tops of the dam have two elevations, 1,062 and 1,059 feet above mean sea level. Maximum design water surface may reach 1,060 feet above mean sea level. The uncontrolled service spillway is concrete ogee bears a crest at elevation of 1,045 feet above mean sea level. According to TWDB 2013 volumetric survey, the lake has a storage capacity of 86,345 acre-feet, encompassing a surface area of 5,864 acres, at its conservation pool elevation 1,045 feet above mean sea level. The dam controls a drainage area of approximately 275 square miles.

Data source: Texas State Historical Association on Lake Kickapoo

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