Ellison Creek Reservoir (Cypress River Basin)

Ellison Creek Reservoir and Dam (Photo by Freese and Nichols, Inc.)Ellison Creek Reservoir (also known as Lone Star Lake) is located about eight miles south of Daingerfield in Morris County on Ellison Creek (also known as Brutons Creek), a tributary of Big Cypress Creek.  The reservoir is owned and operated by the Lone Star Steel Company, now owned by to U.S. Steel.  It is originally owned by Defense Plant Corporation, a corporation created by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act during World War II, for which Lone Star Steel Company was an agent.  Southwestern Electric Power Company uses it for cooling water for its steam-electric generation plant.  Construction of the dam began in 1942, and was completed in April 1943.  Deliberate impoundment began on January 14, 1943.