Lake Crook (Red River Basin)

Lake Crook and Dam (Photo provided by Freese and Nichols Inc.)Lake Crook is located north of the City of Paris in Lamar County, Texas on Pine Creek, a tributary of the Red River. Lake Crook and Crook Dam were originally authorized under Permit No. 646 (Application No. 679) by the State Board of Water Engineers to the City of Paris on February 26, 1923 to construct a dam and impound and use 12,000 acre–feet of water for municipal purpose. The City of Paris currently has the authorization under Certificate of Adjudication No. 02-4943 issued June 7, 1987 by the Texas Water Commission to maintain this reservoir for the same purpose. Crook Dam construction started in February 1922 and was completed in 1923 and deliberate impoundment began the same year. The dam is a type of earthfill embankment with protective concrete slab on the upstream face and total length of 3,100 feet. The top of the dam is at elevation of 484.0 feet above mean sea level. A concrete weir spillway section in the center of the dam is 300 feet long with crest at elevation 476.0 feet above mean sea level. The lake acts as a supplemental source to the main supply from Pat Mayse Reservoir, a larger reservoir approximately six miles to the north. According TWDB 2003 volumetric survey, the lake has a capacity of 9,210 acre-feet, encompassing a surface area of 1,060 acres, at its conservation pool elevation, 476.0 feet above mean sea level. The dam controls a drainage area of approximately 52 square miles.

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