Lake Brownwood (Colorado River Basin)

An aerial view to the old Brownwood Lake and Dam (Photo provided by the owner)Lake Brownwood is located eight miles north of City of Brownwood in Brown County, on Pecan Bayou, tributaries of Colorado River and impounded on both Pecan Bayou and its tributary, Jim Ned Creek. The Lake owned and operated by Brown County Water Improvement District #1 for water supply and recreational purposes.  The State Board of Water Engineer issued Permit No. 1036 to the owner for construction of the reservoir on December 3, 1929.  Construction of the dam began in 1930 and was completed in 1933.  Deliberate impoundment of water started in July, 1933.  The dam was raised, enlarged and reinforced in 1982 to an elevation of 1,470 feet above mean sea level. The uncontrolled emergency spillway is at the left of the dam with a crest elevation of 1,425 feet above mean sea level. According to TWDB 2013 survey, the Lake has a capacity of 131,530 acre feet and encompasses a surface area of 6,814 acres at conservation pool elevation, 1,425 feet above mean sea level (NAVD88).  The dam controls a drainage area of about 1,535 square miles.

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