Brazoria Reservoir (Brazos River Basin)

Brazoria Reservoir is an off-channel reservoir located about six miles southwest of Angleton in central Brazoria County, near the Brazos River.  This reservoir is owned and operated by Dow Chemical Company for industrial water supply purposes.  Authorization of this reservoir was issued by Water Right Permit No. 1631 (Application No. 1756) on July 8, 1952. It was designed by engineers Lockwood and Andrews and constructed by general contractor Gulf Bitulithic.  Construction of the dam started on March 1, 1953 and was completed on May 1, 1954.  Diversion of water from the Brazos began in April 1954.  The dam (levee) is an earth filled embankment with a length of 40,000 feet.  The reservoir has a storage capacity of 21,970 acre feet with a water surface area of 1,865 acres at a crest elevation of 31.07 feet above mean sea level.  The reservoir level is maintained by water pumped from the Brazos River.