Nacatoch Aquifer Groundwater Availability Model (GAM)

This map shows the extent and location of the southern portion of the Nacatoch Aquifer GAM.In 2006, the Texas Water Development Board contracted with LBG-Guyton & Associates (who teamed with INTERA, Inc. and Dr. Graham Fogg) to develop a Groundwater Availability Model for the Nacatoch Aquifer. The project was completed and delivered in 2009.

In 2021, TWDB scientists commenced work on the update for the Nacatoch Aquifer GAM.

Stakeholder Advisory Forums (SAF)

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SAF 1 4/26/2021 Online meeting (view video recording)

Model Report

"Nacatoch Aquifer Groundwater Availability Model."

Model Files and Associated Data

Please see the GAM files download page for the current model files and associated data.

Aquifer data is only available as a package for the entire model area and requires GIS software for processing. Please see the GAM files download page for aquifer data.

Other Resources

Please see the Nacatoch aquifer pages for other reports and publications.

For model runs see the GMA 8 page.