Blossom Aquifer Groundwater Availability Model (GAM)This map shows the extent and location of the Blossom Aquifer Groundwater Availability Model.

The Texas Water Development Board has developed a groundwater availability model of the Blossom Aquifer. The final conceptual model report, the final numerical model report, and associated data are available below.

Final Conceptual Model Report

"A Conceptual Model of Groundwater Flow in the Blossom Aquifer."

Draft Final Numerical Model Report

"Groundwater Availability Model of the Blossom Aquifer."

Model Files and Associated Data

Please see the GAM files download page for the model files and the associated data.

Stakeholder Advisory Forums (SAF)

ID Date Location
SAF 1 6/25/2014 Daingerfield, Texas - Daingerfield State Park
SAF 2 12/10/2021 Video recording is available

Other Resources

Please see the Blossom Aquifer and the Research Projects in Support of Groundwater Models pages for other reports and publications.