Blossom AquiferGroundwater Availability Model (GAM)This map shows the extent and location of the Blossom Aquifer Groundwater Availability Model.

The Texas Water Development Board is developing a groundwater availability model of the Blossom Aquifer. The model is expected to be completed as time permits.

Draft Geodatabase

Draft geodatabase (size: 133 MB compressed) available here.

DISCLAIMER: This Geodatabase was created for the Blossom Aquifer Groundwater Availability Model project. Please note that this is a draft geodatabase/data set intended for stakeholder review purposes and its contents are subject to change. DO NOT USE THE CONTENTS WITHIN THIS DRAFT GEODATABASE FOR LEGAL COURT EXHIBITS, OFFICIAL POLICY DECISIONS, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND/OR PUBLICATION PURPOSES.

Stakeholder Advisory Forums (SAF)

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ID Date Location
SAF 1 6/25/2014 Daingerfield, Texas - Daingerfield State Park

Other Resources

Please see the Blossom Aquifer and the Research Projects in Support of Groundwater Models pages for other reports and publications.