Core Testing for Hill Country Trinity aquifer

Project Summary:

The objective is to conduct core testing, which involves using a core drill to obtain a sample of rock and sending it to a laboratory for direct measurement of properties using specific lab instruments. Core testing is the most direct possible way to define parameters of the rock and will provide the information for variables necessary to most accurately calculate total dissolved solids (TDS). Empirically deriving the bulk mineralogy, porosity, permeability, and cementation or “m”-factor for each formation of interest will yield more accurate TDS calculations. The combined use of these measurements will enhance the ability to accurately assess the brackish characteristics of formations of interest.

TWDB Contract Manager:
Mark Robinson, P.G.
Funding Recipient:
Allan R. Standen LLC
Project Administrator:
Allan R. Standen, P.G.
Allan R. Standen LLC
Project Start Date:
November 15, 2020
Project Completion Date:
August 31, 2021
Total Project Cost:
TWDB Share of Project Cost:
The stakeholders will have access to map of core locations; core descriptions and photos; and lab results for each sample (an upwards of 110 samples) including bulk mineralogy (XRD), porosity, permeability, cementation exponent “m-factor”, and any other analyses performed.

Project Details


Project Sponsors:

Texas Water Development Board
Mark Robinson, P.G. - Contract Manager
1700 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78711

Funding Recipient / Project Manager:

Allan R. Standen LLC
Allan R. Standen, P.G. – President
12401 Painted Bunting Rd.
Austin, Texas 78726

Project Milestones

Event Date
Announcement of Request for Qualifications February 28, 2020
Study approved by TWDB Board March 13, 2020
Statement of Qualifications received by TWDB March 30, 2020
Contract executed July 24, 2020
Task Order executed November 15, 2020

Progress Reports

Final Report and Data