Region 7 Upper Brazos Flood Planning Region

Region 7Originating near Lubbock, the Brazos river’s Salt Fork and Double Mountain Fork track east across the High and Rolling Plains ecoregions of West Texas, converging in Stonewall County. The main stem of the Brazos then merges with the Clear Fork in the Cross Timbers ecoregion of southern Young County before entering Possum Kingdom Lake in the adjacent Region 8 Lower Brazos. There are 14 major lakes and reservoirs in Region 7.

For a detailed map of Region 7, please visit the Texas Geographic Information Office (TxGIO) Flood Planning Regions Map Collection.

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Population Estimate (2019): 633,584

Approximate Area: 20,085 square miles

Approximate Stream Miles: 9,744

Approximate NFIP Claims (1975-2019): $25,575,499

Counties Represented:

*indicates this county is partially within this RFPG and is also represented by at least one other RFPG

Major Cities (Population greater than 25,000):

Major Lakes & Reservoirs:

Ecoregions of Texas Represented:

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Planning Group Sponsor Contact: South Plains Association of Governments, Kelly Davila, (806) 762-8721

Planning Group Chair: Michael Keenum, (806) 775-2393

TWDB Contact:Jake Madewell, (512) 475-1902