Region 4 Sabine Flood Planning Region

Region 4Originating in Collin, Rockwall and Hunt counties, the Sabine River and its many contributing creeks and bayous meander southeast to the Texas-Louisiana border. The Sabine becomes the border between the two states in Panola County where the river turns south and crosses through the Sabine National Forest on its journey to the Gulf of Mexico. The Sabine merges with the Neches River at Port Arthur on Sabine Lake and their combined flow enters the Gulf of Mexico through Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge. Smaller streams within the Texas portion of the basin include Cow, Big Sandy, and Fork creeks and the South Fork of the Sabine River. 12 major lakes and reservoirs are found in this region.

For a detailed map of Region 4, please visit the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) Flood Planning Regions Map Collection.

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Population Estimate (2019): 585,132

Approximate Area: 7,450 square miles

Approximate Stream Miles: 6,455

Approximate NFIP Claims (1975-2019): $525,184,329

Counties Represented:

*indicates this county is partially within this RFPG and is also represented by at least one other RFPG

Major Cities (Population greater than 25,000):

*indicates this city is partially within this RFPG and is also represented by at least one other RFPG

Major Lakes & Reservoirs:

Ecoregions of Texas Represented:

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Planning Group Sponsor Contact: Sabine River Authority, Mark Howard, (409) 746-2192

Planning Group Chair: Travis Williams, (409) 746-2192

TWDB Contact: Please see Flood Planning Staff contacts for the assigned regional flood planner.