Region 14 Upper Rio Grande Flood Planning Region

Region 14The Upper Rio Grande River tracks the US-Mexico border from El Paso to Val Verde County. By far the largest of the flood planning regions, Region 14 traverses the Trans-Pecos ecoregion and Big Bend National Park. The region reaches its eastern border as the Upper Rio Grande River enters the International Amistad Reservoir at the confluence of the Devil’s River and the upper Rio Grande River. This region is home to five major lakes and reservoirs including two international reservoirs and Lake Balmorhea at Balmorhea State Park.

For a detailed map of Region 14, please visit the Texas Geographic Information Office (TxGIO) Flood Planning Regions Map Collection.

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Population Estimate (2019): 936,558

Approximate Area: 43,204 square miles

Approximate Stream Miles: 24,559

Approximate NFIP Claims (1975-2019): $5,265,002

Counties Represented:

*indicates this county is partially within this RFPG and is also represented by at least one other RFPG

Major Cities (Population greater than 25,000):

Major Lakes & Reservoirs:

Ecoregions of Texas Represented:

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Planning Group Sponsor Contact: Rio Grande Council of Governments, Annette Guitierrez, (915) 533-0998

Planning Group Chair: Omar Martinez, (915) 540-6271

TWDB Flood Planner: Anita Machiavello, (512) 463-5158